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User FAQs

1.What’s PayMe?
PayMe is a credit card acceptance tool that allows businesses to accept credit card payments, without the need of any hardware or POS or the hassle of long bank procedures, through providing the seller with a simple QR code, which allows buyers to pay through scanning the QR code with their phones, and fulfill the transaction within seconds.
2.What are the benefits of PayMe?
PayMe is both convenient & safe, whether you are buying your morning coffee for the day, visiting your favorite stores, traveling with friends & even when getting a taxi home.
Carrying your cash and cards with you is risky these days. Payme keeps your card details safe, cash can be stolen even your smartphone can be stolen, but if this happened you will not worry about your money and card details. You have a pin code protecting your details on the application.
3.How Can I download PayMe?
Search on Google Play store, or Apple store for PayMe application, or visit our Website home page to directly download the application.
4.How Can I use PayMe?
Once downloaded, simply fill in your details, link your credit card & choose your security pin code.
5.Will PayMe work on my smartphone?
PayMe is available for all smartphones working with Android, or IOS operating system.
6.How Do I pay?
Tell the merchant that you want to pay using PayMe, open PayMe application, and tap on “scan” to scan the QR code given to you by the merchant / seller. Enter the required amount of payment you wish to pay, then enter the security pin code to confirm the payment. Once payment is done You and the merchant / seller will receive a notification message confirming that the payment has been made.
7.Where can I pay using PayMe?
Use the merchant page in PayMe website to find merchants, you can search by location or name or make a manual search by writing the merchant’s name. Choose the merchant that you want. You can make the payment transaction from any place in the whole world but the purchased product or service is limited in Egypt only.
8.What does it cost?
No extra charges are paid for the customers

Credit Cards FAQs

1-What type or cards PayMe accepts?
PayMe works with e-commerce enabled cards i.e. credit cards and Pre paid cards, including both Visa & MasterCard.
2-Can my debit card works with PayMe?
If the card is a Visa or MasterCard, has a CVV number on its back and is enabled to do online payments, this will definitely work with PayMe, but note that most of the banks are disabling debit for online payments, so please check with your bank if they are disabling it or not before using it with PayMe.
3-Can I use more than one card to make PayMe payments?
Yes definitely You can.
4-How do I change the card I’m using?
In Payment Cards tab, You can manage your cards , delete them or make default … Also in every Transaction you can choose which card to perform the transaction with
5-What happens if the QR reader is not working?
You can still pay using PayMe. You can enter a given code written under the QR code and continue the payment process.
6-How do I see my transaction history?
From Menu you will see tap called Payment History at which you will see all your payment history through PayMe application.
7-How do I close my account?
It’s easy, simply uninstall the app on your phone. If you want to use PayMe again you will have to download the application, login and re-link your credit card.

Usage Questions

1-What is the limit number of transactions I can make?
PayMe does not have any limits for the number of the transactions you want to make, but there are some banks have daily limits for money to be spent from the cards. Please check your bank to know your daily card’s limit.
2-What happens if I paid wrong amount?
If you paid less than the required payment, you simple make an additional payment to make up the full amount. If you paid more than it is required, you need to ask the merchant to pay you back the excess amount based on the merchant’s discretion.
3-Can I make online payment using PayMe?
Yes for sure, You can pay by just scanning a QR code placed on a website , Email or even a receipt
4-Can I use PayMe without accessing the internet?
Unfortunately, PayMe requires an internet access or data available to work.
5-What if my smartphone camera is broken?
If the camera is broken, you will not be able to scan the QR code given to you by the merchant. However You will only use the manual way of filling in the payment code given by the merchant instead of scanning the QR code.
6-What if I get a new smartphone?
You have to delete the application from your old one, download it on the new smartphone, and register it. You may also be asked to re-verify your e-mail address & add your card details again. This procedures are only for security purposes.
7-What if my smartphone is lost/Stolen?
PayMe requires you to insert a pin code before making a payment, this will make it safe that no payment will be done without the pin code. If your smartphone is lost / stolen, you simply download the application on your new smartphone and your account will be relinked to the new mobile phone.

Security Questions

1-Is PayMe Safe?
Yes, sure. PayMe is safe to use on multiple levels;
a.PayMe does not store your card details; all card details are stored at National Bank of Egypt
b.PayMe requires a unique password one of your choice to be entered before any payment transaction can be completed, this prevents anyone to use your smartphone and do payments for you and the pin code is only known by you. If your smartphone is lost / stolen, no one will be able to get your card’s information & make payments.
c.No Physical Interaction is made reducing the chances f your card getting lost
d.You don’t share information online each time you make a transaction, we use “Token” to represent the credit card information adding extra layer of security to your transactions
2-How do I know my credit card information is safe?
All your Credit card information will be stored at the back-end system of the National Bank of Egypt, no information will be stored on the application nor on PayME servers
3-Why should I use PayMe instead of my card?
PayMe is safer and more convenient than using your bank card. When you use PayMe, you keep your bank card safely in your wallet or even at home, and simply use your phone to pay for things. This means there is less chance of your card being lost or stolen. Also PayMe safes much time for you instead of waiting in the line to pay, you can easily and a very short time pay with PayMe .Besides all the services you could get with PayME that you wouldn’t have been able to get with your physical credit card the traditional way
4-Who can access my information?
No one, PayMe doesn’t store your card details, it’s all stored in the back-end system of the National Bank of Egypt. These details are never shared with merchants, nor are they stored anywhere on our systems, so no one will ever be able to get your card details. Your information is kept safely and securely and only used in combination with your PIN when a transaction is made.
5-Can Merchants Charge me after I make a payment to them?
Absolutely not, only you can confirm a payment with your pin code. Merchants have no access to you card details.
6-How Do I know the right amount is taken out of my bank account?
PayMe keeps a record for every payment transaction done, you can check your records using the application. Also if you are activating the SMS service from your bank, you will receive SMS of each payment you done using your card.

Merchant’s General Questions

1-How can I use PayMe as a merchant?
Simply send us an email at, and one of our team will be in touch.
2-What it will cost me to use PayMe?
PayME charges a % transaction fee , For more information please drop us an email at
3-Can I use PayMe on my website?
Yes definitely you can use PayME in your website giving your customers a one of a kind checkout experience
4-How do I know whether a customer’s payment has been successful?
Every time a customer scans your QR & successfully makes a payment to your business, you will immediately receive payment confirmation message via one of our agreed forms of notification that fit your business.
5-Can I link PayMe to my current POS system?
All kinds of Technical integration is available and based on agreement
6-What if the customer made payment & the money is not reflected in my bank account?
All the money will reflect at your bank account in maximum 2 days , Any delay might be with a bank issue and You contact us and we will handle with the bank
7-How if I want to change the bank account details of my business?
You will have to get back to us.

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